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Standard Yardscraper 35mm blade
High Volume fast moving product including Yard Scrapers, Pasture Toppers, Scrubcutters and a wide range of bale handling equipment have been added to the range as a result of changes in modern farming methods.
Transport Boxes - heavy duty 5' and 6' width - ruggedly constucted with a one piece 3mm floor and back, 5mm sides for added strength and with RHS reinforcement for both floor and back panels. 
         Standard features include -
  • positive quick release trip mechanism for tipping
  • reinforced front scraper blade
  • detachable tailgate, hinged at both top and bottom
  • rope hooks fitted
  • twin jaw linkage mountings with category 1 & 2 pins
Livestock Box - is the clear market leader due to its great versatility - raising mesh lid into the upright position provides a tall and roomy box for transport of feedstuff, tools & fencing materials, extra loading space is available on the drop-down tailgate if needed when carrying bulky or awkwardly shaped loads.
Yard Scrapers & A Frames - ideal choice for thorough cleaning of smooth surfaces in farm buildings and yards, thereby improving hygiene and providing safer and less slippery underfoot conditions for both livestock and farm staff.
  • standard  supple 35mm blade is tough on muck but kind on concrete
  • heavy duty 50mm thick rubber blade will last longer under rough surfaces also more suitable when scrapers are modified to work on telescopic handlers or skid steer loaders
Conventional Bale Spikes - robust RHS frames, excellent build quality easy attachment -
  • rear mounted single spike - has strong triangular frame with high quality spike and anti-spin tine providing a sharp performance at a sharp price.
  • front mounted single spike - has robust frame, improving the drivers field of vision, to suit the widest loaders.  In addition to the usual centre bushes, they have two additional bushes in the outside frame to allow safe handling of one large square bale or two round straw bales (1 extra tine would be required)
  • heavy duty twin spikes - for front or rear mounting and have reinforced frames to handle two round silage bales.  The tines are spaced to allow two round blales to 'chock' together to create a safer load, whilst big square bales can be spiked safely with no danger of rotation.  Two spikes and an anti-spin tine are provided as standard and a centre spike bush is fitted to allow use as a single bale spike.
Specialised Spikes:
Eurospikes - intergral 8 brackets and 2 extra bushes in the euro-width frame, resulting in a compact but heavy duty unit which fits directly into all loaders using this universal attachment system.  These are compatible with most new loaders from Quicke, MF, John Deere and many other manufacturers.
Chillspikes - offer all the practicalities of the Eurospike for users of the Cjillton Q/A system.  The robust frame is taller to accommodate the extra height of the bracket and 2 extra bushes are included.  And remember - no welding, bolting or painting is required and comes with 1 tine as standard.
Brackets - we supply bolt-on blank clamps which fit all our front mounted handlers and conventional spikes, to allow easy fitting of less common loader brackets.  Some popular brackets can also be supplies as bolt-on units, fully painted and ready to fit.  These fit most Matbro, John Deere & Terex handlers.
Round Bale Handlers -  Fosters classic bale handler with free running rollers on greasable bushes or versatile handler with spring stell bale spikes inside the removable rollers.  Both handlers will lift and stack wrapped or unwrapped round bales of all popular sizes and feature an open view frame to assist driver operation and to improve accuracy of work.  Buffer bars fitted to protect wrapped bales and hydraulic hoses are included as standard.  A range of convenient and economical bolt on clamp plates are availabe for attachment of brackets, and some popular bolt on bracket kits are also available.
Round/Square Bale Handlers - Universal Bale Handler will handle square or round bales wrapped or unwrapped.  The smoothly profiled gripper arm, which is easily adjustable to suit a wide range of bale sizes, avoids damage to the wrap, and the 'open view' frame has spike bushes fitted as standard.  Hydraulic hoses are also included.  Up to three unwrapped big square bales can be stacked by the addition of the low cost Vertical Stacking Kit, providing an extremely safe and convenient way to handle big sqaure straw bales in bulk.  The bales are carried above the recognised loader height, but are handled safetly by using the top gripper arm as a clamp.
Single Rotor Pasture Toppers  - a range of robust toppers - the TL5, TL6 & TL7 single rotor machines offer high performance grass topping in packages to suit all tractors from 30hp to 85hp.  TL range make light work of cutting grass, thistles and other light to medium density growth, and will improve grazing land with regular use.
Twin Rotor pasture Toppers - For larger acreages, you really can't beat Foster TL108.  It provides an excellent workrate, very strong construction and first rate value for money.  With a full 9' cutting width it certainly makes short work of big fields.
Rotary - Slashers - Introducting the RS1700 rotary-slasher a 5' 6" (1700mm) cut machine for moderately hard conditions and suitable for use with tractors in the 50 to 80hp range.
New for 2010 - RS2000 Rotary-Slasher - is the latest development in our wide range scrubcutter range, designed for use with tractors in the 80 to 130hp range in moderately hard conditions.  With a full 6'6" (2metre) cutting width using 4 cutter chains or  optionally 4 blades and is constructed with a 4mm top panel, reinforced with box section in all the right places.
Super-Scrubbers - GG1700 Super-Scrubber - latest development of the original Foster Scrubcutter designed for use with tractors in the 80 to 120hp  range and is fitted with a heavy duty driveline.  Cutting width 5'6" (1700mm) GG1700 has an uprated 6mm top panel reinforced at sress points, to further improve strength and provide increased resistence to stone damage.  New design for 2010 heavy duty rotor hub now fitted with heavier cutter chains and uprated retaining bolts and bushes, this is also offered on the GG2000 offers 6'6" (2 metre) cutting width using 4 chains or optionally 4 blades.
The heavy duty tool for a heavy duty workrate in the toughest conditions.  Weight 1030Kg