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                                                                       Agrispread Lime/Sand/Fertilizer Spreader
Spreaders boast a number of unique features which ensure the accuracy of the machine will not be matched or beaten in the field
A combination of precision fabrication and in-depth knowledge of working conditions ensure the Agri-Spread range will pass the test of time.

Standard features:
  • Spreading wide range of materials fertilizer, fibre phos, lime, sand, salt and poultry waste
  • 3.5t/5.5t/8.5t/10t/12t
  • Headland control  - split rear doors and control valve allows spreading to be restricted to one side, saving on waste and complying with environmental laws
  • Hydraulic control of spinner and drop point adjustment ensure accurate spreading up to bout widths of 24m, subject to diffrent types of fertilizer
  • Cleated belt stops slipping of material on incline, ensuring even and cost effective spreading, 3 speed gearbox & belt:  allows a wide variation in application rates and a direct relationship between forward speed and rate of application
  • All the machines come complete with user friendly test kits allowing continuous testing of spread patterns, thus ensuring an even spread and ultimately a more cost effective one
Standard equipment include roll over sheet, incab tachometer for disc speed, grids, headland control, 3 speed gearbox, hyd brakes and lights.


Self Loading Bale Feeder 

Standard features:

The Agri-spread self-loading bale feeder unloads, transports and unrolls the bale.

  • Quick loading with tilting method of picking up bale (no forks to pull out)
  • Compact and suitable for most tractors from 60hp
  • Minimal moving parts
  • Able to control feeding aggression of bale with side tilt
  • Feeds out Straw, Hay, Haylage, Silage etc.
  • Adjustable feed chains
  • Nylon wear pad for feed chains
  • Can lift and unroll all size bales
  • Netting is easily removed after the bale rolls into the cradle.

Picture courtesy of Chris and Juliet Cleave

"It’s doing all that we wanted – taken the hard work out of unrolling bales, saving labour time at feeding, reducing wastage and keeping forage intake up as everything’s always fresh in front of stock." - C T & J V Cleave

Agri-Spread Bale Unwrapper