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Shelbourne Reynolds

  • Powerspread Dairy -  Even, Accurate Spread Pattern, Low Horsepower Requirement, Chops and Spreads Solids and Liquids - standard equip sizes from 7250l to 9000l (1600 -2000 gallons) main auger has fixed paddles/single auger drive speed of 13 rpm/21.3-24 12 ply tyres/fixed position discharge rotor.  Options: 23.1 R26 14 Ply tyres/manually controlled (tractor spool valve) anti-bridging arm/auto-cycling anti-bridging arm/wide angle pto shaft/straw plates (to prevent straw wrapping on auger)
  • Powerspread Pro SWB - High Capacity & Output, Chops & Spreads Solids and Liquids, reverse Drive Facility, Hydraulically Lowering Rotor -  standard equip sizes from 1800 to 2300 gallons/high torque single speed chain/reverse drive/fast discharge 1.4m wide overshot rotor/rotor hinges down hydraulically for foreign object removal/650/65R30.5 tyres. Options: auto cycling anti-bridging arm/wide angle pto shaft/straw plates (to prevent long straw wrapping on auger)/tandem sprung steering axle.


  • Powerspread Pro  LWB - High Capacity & Output Chops & Spreads Solids and Liquids, reverse Drive Facility, Hydraulically Lowering Rotor standard equip sizes from 2400 to 3200 gallons/high torque single speed chain/reverse drive/fast discharge 1.4m wide overshot rotor/rotor hinges down hydraulically for foreign object removal/650/65R30.5 tyres. Options: auto cycling anti-bridging arm/wide angle pto shaft/straw plates (to prevent long straw wrapping on auger)/tandem sprung steering axle.


  • Powerblade MD Hedge Trimmer
2 models MD50-5.0m fixed boom
                  MD56-5.6m Fixed Boom
Power slew/strong box section frame made with top mounted slew ram/cable controls/parallel boom geometry/1.2 direct drive head/single pump action hydraulics/single direction rotor drive/accumulator arm float.  
Options 1.2m belt drive head/Electric joystick controls/3pt linkage stabiliser frame or sub frame for axle mounting/axle brackets available separately/hydraulic head roller/twin pump hydraulices/rear road lights.


  • Powerblade HD Hedge Trimmer
4 model - HD55-5.5 Fixed Boom
                  HD60T-6.0m Telescopic Boom
                  HD70T-7.0m Telescopic
                  HD62VFR- 6.2m Variable Forward Reach Boom
High pressure low flow hydraulic system gives exceptional performance.  Parallel boom geometry, Twin cast iron gear pumps, high power hydraulics with integrated cooler/power slew with breakback and auto reset, hydraulic arm & head float, belt drive 1.2m head. 
Options 3pt stabiliser frame or axle mounting sub-frame (Axle Braqckets supplied separately)/Digital proportional joystick control with armrest console/Hydraulically adjustable head roller/1.5m head/Electronic active float/Hydraulic narrow lane head bracket/Verge mowing head kit
350 & 450 Hedge-cutter
The Shelbourne 350 hedge and verge trimmer is a solidly built simple machine aimed at the entry level end of the market, capable of reliable performance for both farmers, contractors and local authorities.

The only difference between the 350 and 450 series machines is that the 350 has a fixed frame and the 450 incorporates power slew.

The 350 at 1130kg is light enough to be compatible with smaller lighter tractors but strong enough to do a hard days work.

Many of the features that are included as standard on the larger HD machines are also featured on the 350 including integrated parking stands and parrallel arm geometry

Both the 350 and 450 are equiped with a  premium quality double skinned belt drive 1.2m head. The head is attached to the boom via a slide/clamp mounting system so can either be centre mounted or offset.

Front and rear rubber curtains are standard along with an adjustable front nose section.

350 Standard Features

  • Parallel arm geometry
  • Twin pump fully independant hydraulics
  • 5m reach
  • 1.2m belt drive double skinned head
  • Cable controls with easy-fit armrest bracket
  • Bi-directional head drive


  • Oil proportional joystick control
  • Rear lights
  • Hydraulic float kit
  • Hydraulic head roller


  • Powermix Pro Popular - Standard Equipment Tub size from 9m to 15m/Robust construction/planetary gearbox drive/pto shear bolt protection/single side door/single unbraked axle/rubber door flap/adjustable door chute/ladder and viewing platform/retarder plates/single auger powermix tyres 2 x 305-55 R22.5s 
  • 11m popular with right side door or 2 rear doors
  • Powermix Pro Express 25m - Standard Equipment Tub sizes from 9m-15m single auger & 16m-25m twin auger/front mounted webbing conveyor system (fixed or elevating)/robust construction/planetary gearbox drive/pto shear bolt protection/retarder plates/single high visibility front mounted door/single unbraked axle (9-15m)/tandem sprung braked axles (16-25m)/ladder and viewing platform/single auger powermix tyres 2 x 305-55 R22.5s/twin auger, tandem axle powermix tyres 4 x 305-55 R22.5s/Twin auger single axle tyres 2 x 435-50 R19.5s


  • Powermix Plus - Models are available from 16 to 30 cubic metres with either single or tandem axles and 22m³, 24m³ & 30m³ with tandem axles only. All models feature the centre mounted “Express” conveyor that will elevate to either side of the machine. Powermix Plus is a compact twin auger diet feeder available in both single and tandem sprung axle configurations, it has a capacity of approximately 8000kg depending upon the dry matter of the feed. It is a short coupled machine able to navigate around tight buildings and requires a 115HP tractor. The front mounted express conveyor is standard which allows feed to be elevated to either side of the machine to a height of 1.5m. Single axle and tandem sprung axle versions are available. A centre mounted rear door is optional. Standard Features: smooth scrolled auger fighting for greater wear resistance and lower power requirement, 12mm thick S500 lower tub wall, 15mm thick S500 auger, removable auger wear plates, front mounted ladder and viewing platform, rear LED road lights, front mounted scale can be viewed from both sides, steel straw ring, smooth tub shape for faster bale processing and mixing, 3 x 90mm load cells, hydraulic brakes, direct coupled hydraulics, 2 speed gearbox with manual control, standard single axle tyres:435/50 R19.5, Standard Tandem axle tyres 385/55 R22.5


  • Shear Bucket 5 Models - has the unique ability to neatly cut silage blocks leaving a   sealed silage face and yet still maintaining the characteristics of  a normal bucket for effective handling of loose feedstuffs,  concentrates etc.  This avoids the need to change attachments and therefore saves time and money.  Match shear bucket to tractor/loader/handler.  Both horsepower and lift, capacity must be considered.


  • Cubicle Bedder - CB100 CB150 CB300 - 3 point hitch or loader mounted, all models suitable for sawdust, paper, straw and sand, discharge either side, only uses one hydraulic service for belt and agitator drive, hydraulic top link allows self loading when mounted on tractors 3 point linkage, hydraulic frame allows self loading using tractor 3 point