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Wakely Engineering

Introducing the Wakely range of Electric Industrial Mills for over 30 years have supplied the highest quality Grain Rolling Mills to Millers in Ireland and the UK and are renowned within the Industry for their ease of operation, durability and competitiveness.  They are designed and manufactured using state of the art Solid Edge Technology and are available for either manual or fully automated operation.

At the heart of all Wakely mills are solid chilled and dynamically balanced rollers manufactured by the centrifugal casting process and using a double pour technique.  Solid chilled rollers cannot be compared with mild or hardened steel rolls and with annual maintenance they will last indefinitely.  Solid chilled rollers are an essential for high volume output, hollow rolls will flex in the centre and require ongoing, continuous refurbishment.

Only rollers manufactured by German company Leonhard Breitenbach are used in out Mills. 

350 Model Crimper/Dry Roller Mill  
  • Highest quality precision balances solid Chilled Rolls
  • Ouput: Dry Rolled 5/6 tonne Crimped 6/7 per hour
  • Heavy duty Bearings
  • Parallel roll gap adjustment lever
  • Feed spreader flap - ensures a continuous even flow of feed
  • No metal to metal contact between rollers
  • PTO Drive
  • 6" Auger
  • Heavy duty undercarriage
Wakely 350 Model Options: 3-Phase Electric, PTO Mobile, PTO Fixed on Stand

830 Model Crimper/Dry Roller - Contractors Crimper, 22 tonne output, reliable and affordable.

  • High quality precision balanced solid chilled rollers 800/300 dia
  • Working surfaces are 50-54 Rockwell hardness
  • Output per hour: 22 tonne  Crimped 18 tonne 18 Dry Rolled
  • Gear drive between rollers
  • Belt drive to auger and elevator
  • 2.5 tonne Feed Hopper
  • Products: Oats, Barley, Wheat, Lupines, Maize, Beans
  • Double row spherical roller bearings
  • Low noise and vibration
  • Weight 2,420Kg
  • Hydraulic Pressure 100 Bar
  • Electric Volts 12V

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