Cherry Products Ltd have been manufacturing agricultural materials handling equipment for over 35 years and have gained the reputation of being the market leader in this specialised industry. They have developed firm links within the agricultural community and are now the preferred UK attachment and demonstration supplier for many of the industry's leading names. It's through our many years of experience that they can offer you the very best attachments available to meet your materials handling requirements.

Forks & Grabs

We ensure that all of our fork and grabs are designed and manufactured to the highest standard by using heavy duty materials and Solidworks design software. Our grabs are powered by high capacity hydraulic cylinders to ensure a strong clamp.

Buck Rakes

Designed for large horsepower tractors, the new CF05 range is built with durability in mind and proves very popular for it's reliability and strength.

The large push off gate is built with a laser cut and pressed 5mm thick sheet with 20mm thick stiffeners to ensure maximum strength, with the laser cut slots offering great visibility. As standard the Buck Rake comes with Cat 2/3 Point Linkage, flow valve, ultra strong S700 pushing arms, four side tines and reflective chevrons. The heavy duty design of the product allows for greater productivity, less down time and is the perfect choice for contracting work. A choice of Hardox and KV style tines are available with a 1260mm working length.

Design features include the 8mm walled bottom box tine holder, which is supported by a full width 25mm base plate and a further three 20mm thick bucket edge wear pads. The 25mm thick arm profiles are cut from S700 grade steel, all of the pins are high grade and zinc plated. The 38mm Ø pivot pin utilises the retaining bolt design from our HD fork and grabs.


The Cherry Products Ltd range of buckets have been well established in the agricultural industry for over 35 years.

With a wide range of buckets available, standard or bespoke builds suitable for various applications we can make a bucket to suit your every need!

Bale Grab with Rollers

The CH30C bale grab combines the best elements of a Bale Spike and a Bale Squeeze to offer a heavy duty, versatile attachment for a variety of applications. Using a 'roller' system, the grab can be used for wrapped bales, with the rollers, large flat face and domed ends to protect the bale wrapping. A single hydraulic cylinder moves the rollers into position to cradle the bale to ensure quick and easy stacking and manoeuvring. By simply removing the rollers, 2 x KV style tines make the attachment a double bale spike with the hydraulic cylinder forcing the bales together and preventing them from spinning.

The Cherry Products range of bale handling attachments have a certified record in the industry of reliability and robust design. We have various attachments for all tasks involving bale handling and if you have a specific idea in mind, such as a bale pattern for your flat bale grab, give us a call and we will try our best to help.

Pallet Forks

Our range of pallet forks, carriages and extensions are suitable for any machine. Bespoke models are available. For example, a wider pallet carriage with longer tines to move shipping containers. Standard sizes are usually available from stock. Our pallet forks are sold in pairs only.

Many other items available such as:

  • Pallet Fork Carriages

  • Extensions

  • Grain Pushers

  • Safety Access platforms

  • Crane Jibs

  • Crane Hooks

  • Big Bag Lifters

  • Log Grabs

  • Pick Up Hitches

  • Brackets

Please ring for details and more information.