Dump Trailers

Constructed of the best quality steel plate to stand up to the rigours of constant loading and unloading the 8mm thick floor is well and truly supported by optimum spacing of floor runners. Even the side panels are extra thick steel and supported by two massive continuous horizontal and bulge supports.

  • 200 range 8T - 18T with hyd tailgate .

  • 300 range 8T - 25T with famous magic tail - never in your way.

  • The NEW 400 series Dump Trailer are the most compact and versatile trailer on the market today enables you to load and carry small and medium sized diggers etc via front loading hydraulic ramps.

Low Loaders

New NC Engineering 16 ton low loader 18’ x 8’4”bed,

  • 5’ beaver.

  • 5’7” x 2’4” ramps.

  • 90mm 8 stud axles.

  • 300x90 brakes.

Low Loaders 6 - 28T standard range provides base for a wide variety of options tailored to meet most customer requirements.


  • Grain/Silage Trailers from 10-25 ton capacity, monocoque body, 100mm front to rear taper and tips to an angle of 50 degrees to ensure easy emptying.

  • Bale Trailers a range of tandem axle flatbed 8-14T.

Slurry Tankers

Vacuum Tankers 900- 4000 gallons 30 years of experience and a reputation for quality range of slurry tankers that have superior build, quality and design standard. All tanks are manufactured with internal anti-collapse rings, full lighting and hydraulic brakes.

  • Self-Locking Top Fill Lid.

  • Extra Fill Valve.

  • Dribble Bar Attachment.

  • Quick Attachment.

  • Sprung Draw Bar.

  • High Pressure Centrifugal Pump.

  • Auto Fill Arm.

  • Automatic Discharge Arm for use with umbilical cord.

  • High-Speed Running Gear with Air Brakes.

  • Stone Trap.

  • Sprung Drawbar.

Dribble Bars

NC have been selling dribble bar systems for over 30 years with their own range sub 8m and quality 3rd party machines above 9m.

In response to increased demand we have recently launched a new range of in house designed dribble bars. Starting with a 7.5m machine which has been for sale since mid 2020 the range will be expanded with a 9m and a 12m machine in 2nd half of 2021.

Buckets & Brushes

  • Rotary Sweeper pto or hyd driven widths 6', 7', 8' (1.83m, 2.13m, 2.44m).

  • Link-a-Sweep A multitude of uses! can be used as a hyd link box, sweeper/collector/simple angled brush three models 72", 84", 96" (1.83m, 2.13m, 2.43m).

  • Bucket Sweepers - can fit on existing bucket a multitude of uses.

  • Road Runner pto or hyd driven widths 6', 7', 8' (1.83m, 2.13m, 2.44m).