Providing livestock farmers with an easy solution to one of the most laborious tasks – bedding and feeding straw, hay and haylage. Corn and rice stalks and haulm can also be spread.

Spread-a-Bale offers a unique operation that can be customised to suit your building, handler, bale size and density.

Unlike other mechanical blowers and spreaders, Spread-a-Bale’s spreading rotors gently accelerate the product, they tease the bale apart and throw it with minimum dust generation.

The Result

Saves straw: longer straw makes for a longer lasting bed, resulting in:

  • Our customers commonly report

  • up to 50% straw saving over manual spreading with square bales, up to 25% for round bales

  • up to 25% reduced requirement over other mechanical spreading systems

  • Saves time and labour: one person can spread one rectangular bale typically in 45 seconds – faster than any other available spreaders, shredders, choppers and bale processors

  • Reduces dust and subsequent health risks for both farmers, operators and their livestock: minimal dust reduces the risk of pneumonic conditions and eye infections and in turn reduces antibiotic usage, together with injuries from foreign object missiles

  • Improves welfare: the entire system has a much reduced carbon footprint over any other mechanised system

  • Improves environment: minimises dust, significantly reduces carbon footprint

  • Improves business efficiency: lowers the system’s overall costs and contributes to a competitive advantage