Livestock Trailers:

The hydraulic lowering Rolland Rollvan range includes 6 models to suit every transport requirement with additional options to make yours truly unique. The trailers start from 15ft right up to 28ft lengths, which can hold from 7 to 18 cattle and have features not commonly found on cattle trailers (full width rear doors for quick entry and exit for livestock, LED lights with optional brake light, auto lock rear barn doors, quite non slip rubber resin floor, internal partitions and roof covering available, variety of gates are an optional extra, lowering axles).

Dung Spreaders

Manure Spreaders:

Rolland's popular range of Rollforce spreaders has 13 models in the range. Known for their strength and spreading quality they have a carrying capacity from 6m3 to the largest in the range carrying 37m3. The HLE steel body has a low loading height, optimised clearance and low centre of gravity for real working versatility. The newly designed ESP 16 & 19 beaters offer strength, accuracy and overlapping points to ensure a full, even spread along the pass. On board weigh system is also available and is a popular option.

Product feature: Rollforce 5013

Perfect for larger farms and contractors working across, this strong spreader has a volume of 13m3. The 5013 lets you control your spreading precisely with its incab electronic controls to set your specific requirements of the bed speed.

Product feature: RF-Compact 4510

This is new compact spreader has a 10m3 capacity. One of the most popular in the compact range for small or medium sized farms this model is filled with the same technical solutions as the larger models. This tech spreader has a HLE steel body, reinforced gearboxes, twin marine chains, semi-automatic tensioners, guillotine slurry door and ESP Vertical beaters to name just a few!

Various Trailers

  • Rollspeed Trailers - top of the range trailer which offers grain, silage and root 14-24t capacities.

  • Rollroc HD Duty Dump Trailers - 6mm "HARDROX" floor and 6mm sides in high grade steel, heavy and solid.

  • Agricultural Dump Trailers - Adjustable sprung drawbar, single axle.

  • Small Flat - Hyd lowering for mini diggers.

  • Dropside Trailers - From 1.5 to 16 t.

  • Bail Trailers - Substantially built single axle 6m-9m, lades, sprung drawbar.

  • Low Loader - 6t to 24t two and three axles for transport security.

  • Hook Lift Trailers - The ampliroll hook adapted onto a Rolland chassis offers a proven product with total security.

  • Sand Spreaders - ES6cm3/ES8cm3 - spreading, sand, lime compost pellets, compost (fine) salt. hydraulic chain and slat floor with PTO spinners.

  • Forage Box - DAV10cm3/DAV14cm3 - beaters/mixers - straight forward, simple way of feeding your stock.

Large selection of spares stocked

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