Moulton Farm Machinery Ltd

YS4 Yard Scraper Galv Top 

YS4-HGP dimensions: adjustable working width approximately 1.68m to 2.29m.  Weight: 240kg

YS4-HGP Yard Scraper is fitted with 50mm, moulded rubber blade.  The blade is designed to turnover allowing use in both forward and reverse, a travel direction lock is released by a rope from the tractor seat.

The blade can be reversed to allow use of both sides to prolong the life of the rubber blade when used in one direction more than the other.  The blade frame is manufactured from heavy channel section painted steel, the linkage frame had a built in 'A' frame and cat 1&2 three point pins, manufactured from heavy duty galvanised box section steel.

SP1 Feed Pusher

Dimensions: Adjustable working width from 2.2m to 3.5m.  Other widths available to order.  Weight: 210kg (multi fit) 240kg (wirth bracket)

SP1 feed/silage pusher designed for pusing back 'nosed' out feed closer to the feed barrier.  Multi-fit system allows the user to use tactor 3 point linkage including 'A' frame.  Also the built in fork truck channels gives the option to fit the Silo-Push to any pallet tine equipped loader or telehandler without further modification.

SP1 can be ordered with welded loader brackets.


Dimensions: Overall length 2m (excluding brackets) width excluding gathering bar 1.6m.  F8HG 280kg/F8BB 350kg

F8HG is a very heavy duty flat 8 grab for conventional bales suitable for use on tractor loaders and materials handlers.

F8BB is a flat 8 sized bale grab of very heavy duty construction, fitted with larger claws.  Suitable for handling flat 8 packs of conventional bales or up to 2 high density bales.

F10BB suitable for handling 10 conventional bales (8 bales length wise and 2 across) it will also handle high density bales with full cover length wise.

Dimensions: Overall length 2.5m (excluding brackets) width excluding gathering bar 1.6m.  Weight 350kg.


Dimensions: 2600mm overall length (excluding brackets), 2400mm wide (excluidng gathering bar), 800mm high at back.  Weight: 695kg.

The BBG2 is designed to handle 3 smaller high density bales.  Bales may be handled in both directions relative to the back frame.  Our BBG range of grab incorporate our specially designed HARDOX steel claws.

BR1, BR2 & BR3


BR1 12 Tine 2.4m working width.  BR 14 Tine 2.8m working width.  BR3 16 Tine 3.2m working width.

Moulton push off Buck Rakes are heavy duty construction, using twin double acting rams and are fitted with 1.4m conus 2 tines fitted into tapered bushes.

Two side tines each side are fitted as standard.  The flat back design makes all models suitable for use on tractor rear or front linkages.