The Perfect range-by professionals for professionals

  • Allrounder Cultivator 3m/4m/5m/6m/9m/12m - the universal implement for seed bed preparation and stubble working. Constructed from heavy box section 4m working width and over are hydraulic folding with a transport width of 2.70m.

  • Trio Mulch seed bed cultivator -300/400 The 3-row universal cultivator for shallow stubble working and deep subsoil loosening, aimed at the small to medium-sized operation with tractors 100to160hp.

  • Quadro Mulch seed bed cultivator - 300/400/460/570 The 4-row universal cultivator for shallow stubble working and deep subsoil loosening

  • Vector Mulch seed bed cultivator - 570/800 Th3 4-row universal cultivator for working shallow stubble and for deep subsoil loosening

  • Vario mulch seed bed cultivator - 300/400/480/570/750 8-row for maximum working results

  • Triathlon - 300/400/600 The drill for modern arable farming which is powerful and easy to pull

  • Ultima- 300/400/450/600/800 The universal drill for mulch and direct sowing

  • Allseeder 3m/4m/6m - is equipped with a hydraulic cross board leveller at the front Hercules tines with reversible points. An STS roller and following harrow 1200 litre seed tank tramline kit and markers. FS4 control box for operating the drill functions. The ALS 300 is fully mounted the ALS 400 can be fully mounted or trailed and the ALS 600 is trailed.

  • Grasmaster 6m/8m (optional drill unit) - the ultimate machine for improving grassland, an aggressive action allows fresh growth. Equipped with tines specially designed for grass working depth wheels to control aggression of work connected to a parallelogram frame to allow individual tine fields to follow the ground contours. Each segment can be individually adjusted.

Selection of spares kept in stock.