For 40 years Emily has been a major manufacturer for material handling and and offer you a wide range of products for agriculture, industry, construction, environmental and green spaces.

Emily have a range of feeder buckets different models depending on the products: root, dry food, maize, chopped grass and TMR ration.

Melodis.50 mixer feeder bucket

Mixes and feeds a total mixed ration.

Melodis.100 mixer feeder bucket

Mixes and feeds chopped grass silage for a total mixed ration.

Silo buddy

The silo buddy moves feed back to the feed barrier. Very easy to use it fits to any bucket in a few seconds.

Mixer feeder bucket MELODIS.50 Large capacity up to 7 m3

The mixer feeder bucket MELODIS.50 Large capacity is the ideal attachment.


Mixes and discharges dry food.

The Pick & Go Bale Unroller

Fits to front loader, rear linkage of tractor, telescopic handler. It loads and unrolls round bales (wrapped bales, alfalfa, hay etc). The Pick & Go system is composed of 2 parts: the bale fork and the unroller. A gear system composed of two toothed wheels drives the roller belt.


The bale fork is fitted to the machinery handler (hydraulic connection) and directly loads the bale on the roller belt.


The hitching is made with the tines of the bale fork under the bale unroller. By lifting the bale fork adaptation hitches the unroller.


When the bale fork hitches the unroller the 2 toothed wheels lock and activate the hydraulic motor which drives the roller belt and unrolls the bale.


  • Time saving: direct loading thanks to the bale fork and fast unrolling.

  • Handiness, sturdiness: user friendly, needs no maintenance, hydraulically driven.

  • Versatile: the bale fork can be used for other work.

Delta Bale Unroller with Straw Bedder Attachment


Designed for telescopic or front loader, rear and back linkage of tractor, the DELTA Bale Unroller can be used for bedding or feeding (wrapped bale, hay, straw).


The bale can be loaded in several ways:

  • Stationary door : loading thanks to a second attachment

  • Hydraulic loading door : loading activated from the cab

  • Easy Load System in option


Thanks to a roller belt with teeth the bale unroller is adapted to any bale diameter from 1,20m to 1,80m. Speed can be adjusted on the unroller itself or from the cab (potentiometer).


The bedding system enables a 5 meter distance spreading depending on the straw quality and type. The spring tines ensure a constant spreading without straw breaking and without too much dust.


  • Handiness: compact and optimized offset.

  • Self Loading: only one command to control all the loading process thanks to the easy load system.

  • Performance: straw spreading up to 5 m with 180° orientation.

  • Versatility: spreading straw or unrolling bale with a diameter from 1m20 to 1m80.


  • Hydraulically lifted straw bedder, manual or hydraulic rotation, synchronized loading arm, hydraulic offset (+/-300mm)

Dis'fib Feeder Bucket

How it works

The Dis’Fib .fits onto telescopic handlers and front loaders of tractors. It is especially designed for grass cut by forage harvester and for chopped grass, maize silage. The special feature is the design of the agitating roller with large opening door. It is unique on the market and patented.

The agitating roller is attached on the inside wall of the bucket. It is driven by a hydraulic motor. This unique design (no bearing opposite to the motor) ensures space free to feed out the silage.

The agitating roller turns inward the bucket to feed out the ration. This design reduces pressure on the conveyor chain and makes the grass smooth enabling you to get a regular and fast discharge.

The hydraulic door is synchronized with the distribution by a double acting spool. For safety reasons this door is integrated into the shape of the bucket.

  • Patented agitating roller with large opening door: its innovative design ensures a fast discharge and avoids pressure on the conveyor chain (consumption saving) for a regular and fast feeding.

  • Door and flared end bucket: comfort and maximal safety for the user.

  • Fast, efficient and quality.

  • Suitable on front loader and telescopic handler.

  • Perforated steel on the back for an optimal visibility.

  • Stainless steel sheet (optional): corrosion free.

Sweeper Bucket

Sweeper Bucket

Collecting Sweeper

Compost Bucket

Bale Unroller

Mixer Feeder Bucket

Concrete Mixer

Concrete Mixer